Different visual arts that come together becoming one, making the representation of Sicilianity full of colours and charm, more effective and immediate.

Virticchio, allegories of colours, comes from the happy fusion between street photography, which crystallizes the most intense and evocative moments of everyday life and painting, which through the use of strong colours makes the subjects represented almost farcical or even burlesque.

Virticchio is a name borrowed from the Palermitan pupara tradition. It is an artistic project that, starting from photographic representation of typical view and characteristic moments of Sicilian human activities, provides a transfiguration of reality through a painting transposition.

This appears deliberately uncertain, blurred in detail, but amplified by observer’s imagination. The apparent immobility of the shapes suddenly takes movement in the exact instant in which the intense lines that compose the painting expand in the complexity of the subjects portrayed, giving the observer the sensation of reliving the suggestions that the moments represented arouse.

Festive art, full of joy of life, which narrates the vivid atmospheres of Sicily through strong colours.

The colour palette is modulated in bright, contrasting colours. Primary colours dominate the scene, including the blue, that evokes the horizons of the sky, but above all the yellow and the red that impregnate with vitality all the elements.

Shapes of pure colours express the quintessence of places and landscapes of Sicily.